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Government Of Assam Urban Development

Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban)
Components of Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban)

IEC & Public Awareness

IEC & Public Awareness

A key strategy under SBM (Urban) is behavior change communication to ensure that sanitation as an issue is mainstreamed with the general public at large and should cover issues of open defecation, prevention of manual scavenging, hygiene practices, proper use and maintenance of toilet facilities (household, community or otherwise), etc., and its related health and environmental consequences. Communication material for behavior change shall be designed in consultation with the M/o Information and Broadcasting, M/o Health & Family Welfare, and should be in sync with the material being used under SBM (Rural).

A total of 15% of the total central allocation will be earmarked for this component. Of this, 12% will be earmarked for States to undertake massive public awareness campaigns on sanitation and establishing its link to public health, hygiene and the environment through various means including -radio, social media, documentaries, plays, workshops, etc. The remaining 3% will be earmarked for the MoUD to draw a national media campaign and developing standard campaign tools for effective awareness and communication on sanitation.

Expenditure on national Newspaper and national TV is not an admissible item under this component for the state government or for the ULB’s as this is taken care by government of India ministries and organisations. However, for faster procurement of short-term IEC interventions, ULBs may procure IEClinked services and items from local agencies on nomination basis up to Rs 5 lakhs per intervention. 

States shall prepare an annual action plan, with details of State funding commitment, for Public Awareness & IEC and State HPC shall approve it. At least 50% of the IEC fund in each annual plan, as approved by State HPC, must go to the ULB’s for IEC activities at the grass root level.

HPEC at State level shall be the competent authority to authorize and delegate administrative powers for use of the state level funds within the approved plan. ULB’s shall be competent to spend the minimum 50% part of the ULB level funds, as per approved plan. 

Under no circumstance shall this fund be utilized for purchase of vehicles, construction and maintenance of buildings, creation of posts and payment of salary, and purchase of furniture and fixtures.

States will contribute a minimum of 25% funds towards IEC & Public awareness to match 75% Central Share (10% in the case of North East States and special category states) in each annual plan.